Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Freya's Pow Toon

Pow Toon Animation by Tessa

Pow Toon Animation By Kiana

We have been learning a new skill over the last couple of weeks .....ANIMATION!! This has been a lot of hard work but heaps of fun. We have learnt that even when you think you have your hand out of the shot sometimes it sneaks in there but that's ok because now we have some strategies to make sure it doesn't happen next time ....we hope! Thank you Tania for introducing this wonderful new skill and for being so patient with us. Room 5 hopes you enjoy watching our animations as much as we did when making them.

Bird Magic: The Birds Dream - An Animation by Libby and Arihia

Dancing in Hawaii - An Animation by Freya and Ava

Crazy Zombie Adventure - An Animation by Lucy, Alexis and Brodi

Simpsons vs Dinosaurs - An Animation by Darrius, Sam and Kingi

Ballet Show - An Animation by Tessa and Leahndra

Monster Chop Chop - An Animation by Kiana and Lily

Friday, October 16, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood Comic Strips

We have been learning about narrative writing and one of our activities to begin our unit was to create a comic strip about Little Red Riding Hood. We were learning distinguish different events in stories, summarise the main events and use speech. We had a lot of fun doing this. We also had to experiment with different tools in Google Draw.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fantastic thread patterns­čśâ

Created using Pic Collage.

Thread Patterns

At the end of last Term Room 5 made some wonderful designs using coloured thread. With the help of our trusty teacher aide extraordinaire Gina we nailed in small tacks to make a circle and then we chose a number from 2 to 9. We then started at the top and then counted on our special number. We wrapped the string around that nail and counted on again from there. We kept going until all of the nails were covered. Check out our amazing designs. They were so fantastic that we insisted on taking them home even though Mrs Williams wanted to put them up in the class!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We got into groups and made our first i-movies showing shapes we found around our school. What shapes can you see?

Orang-utan playgrounds

The Kutai reading group read a story about orangutans and how they used to be kept in cages before it was decided that they needed more stimulation and area to move in. They found it really interesting and thought that they could design great playgrounds for orangutans. They were right! As they did such a great job with their plans they were allowed to build them as well. Haven't they done a fantastic job!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Winter Writing

In Room 5 we were starting to feel Winter coming on. With rain and wind and cold toes we decided to do some writing about what we missed about Summer. We hope you enjoy our writing

On cold,winter days…
My feet remember the tickly grass.
My face remembers the water splashing when my sister jumps in the pool.
My legs remember being lazy on the couch.
My hair remembers the nice summer breeze.
My arms remember the rough tree branches.
My ears remember all the laughing.
My eyes remember seeing all the smiles.
And my mind knows that summer will be back soon.
By Lucy

On cold,winter days . . .
My feet remember the fuzzy grass that feels
like moss.
My face remembers the breeze that twirls in the sky.
My legs remember splashing in the water.
My hands remember digging deep in the soft sand.
My arms remember climbing on the playground.
My body remembers stretching on the beach.
And my mind remembers that summer is coming soon.
BY Avalea

On cold,winter days . . .
I remember eating ice cream with my family and friends on the beach. The ice cream tasted wonderful.
I remember fishing with my friends and sometimes my family. I like catching big fish and little fish.
I remember camping at Matai Bay, close to the beach and hearing the waves at night time.
I remember surfing through the perfect waves.
I remember racing my sister in a swimming race.She always beats me but one day I will beat her.
I remember having christmas and ripping open my presents to see what l’d get.
I remember making sandcastles in the soft sand.
I remember sitting on the beach and looking at the sun set.
My mind knows that summer with be back soon and we can do all this stuff again.

BY Sam

On cold, winter days. . .
I remember dodging the prickles as l run on the grass,
I remember jumping off my boat and making a big splash,
I remember the warm summer sun shining on me,
I remember going for a bike ride on my yellow bike,
I remember playing on the soft sand,
I remember summer will be back soon.

On cold, winter days…
My feet remember the grass on my heels from the field.
My legs remember the water splashes from the beach.
My body remembers running on the field.
My arms remember doing hand stands on the field.
My ears hear kids screaming on the playground.
My eyes see kids swimming on the beach.
My face feels sun shinning on my nose.
My mind remembers that summer will be back again soon.
By Brodi

On Cold, Winter Days…
My eyes remember seeing perfect trees to climb.
My legs remember the long, long, grass forming a tornado as I run.
My mouth remembers chatting and chatting away to my friends happily.
My hands remember doing handstands on the field.
My body remembers doing flips on the tramp.
My arms remember doing cartwheels across the field.
My hair remembers waving around in the air.
By Libby

On cold, winter days. . .
My feet remember not having to wear shoes.
My legs remember not having goose bumps all over them.
My body remembers the summer breeze pushing against my chest.
My arms remember helping me climb trees to the very top.
My hands remember doing handstands all over the beach.
My face remembers the water pushing against my face when l swim.
My mind remembers that summer will be back in December.

By Alexis

On cold,Winter days…

My feet remember the water swaying between my toes,

My legs remember the bones moving well as I climb trees,

My body remembers me lying on the trampoline under the shining sun ,

My hands remember doing high swings off the tree branches with sun blazing on me,

My mouth remembers the saltwater swishing into it from the sea,

My face remembers shooting into the water while I jump off the jetty,

My fingers remember gripping on to the branches of the tree,

My knees remember crouching down as I was fell over,

My hips remember twisting around while I danced on the beach,

My mind remembers that my memories will be back..
By Arihia

On cold winter days . . .
My mouth remembers delicious ice cream melting onto my taste buds,
My feet remember wearing floppy jandals ,
My eyes remember seeing colorful fish while snorkeling,
My hands remember holding up my fishing rod,
My mind remembers summer is on its way
By Tessa