Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Freya's Pow Toon

Pow Toon Animation by Tessa

Pow Toon Animation By Kiana

We have been learning a new skill over the last couple of weeks .....ANIMATION!! This has been a lot of hard work but heaps of fun. We have learnt that even when you think you have your hand out of the shot sometimes it sneaks in there but that's ok because now we have some strategies to make sure it doesn't happen next time ....we hope! Thank you Tania for introducing this wonderful new skill and for being so patient with us. Room 5 hopes you enjoy watching our animations as much as we did when making them.

Bird Magic: The Birds Dream - An Animation by Libby and Arihia

Dancing in Hawaii - An Animation by Freya and Ava

Crazy Zombie Adventure - An Animation by Lucy, Alexis and Brodi

Simpsons vs Dinosaurs - An Animation by Darrius, Sam and Kingi

Ballet Show - An Animation by Tessa and Leahndra

Monster Chop Chop - An Animation by Kiana and Lily