Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On the last day of Term 3 Room 5 had a challenge where we had to build the highest tower. We were allowed 20 straws and one paper clip and our finished tower had to balance a marble on top. We started off very enthusiastically but soon realised it actually wasn't as easy as we first thought! We had to work in groups and some of us did this better than others, but this is something we will work on : ) It was alot of fun and in the end George, Rikki-Dean and Rikesh were the winners with T.K., Isaiah and Soni (with a bit of help in the end by Dayton) coming in 2nd place. I wonder how big you could make a tower??
The girls working hard to solve the problem
Strategies coming into play!
If all else fails.... SMILE!
Our final results

Our 2nd place