Thursday, November 10, 2016

Making Jelly

We have been learning how to do procedural writing in Room 5 this term . It has been lots of fun because we have been able to make lots of interesting things to write about. We found it difficult at first to make our instruction really clear and have all the information in them so that people could replicate what we had done but after lots of practise we think we are doing a pretty good job now.



  1. Hi Room 5, This is Qaiden, Jahrome, Falcon and Whaea Sally from Room 2 at Kawakawa Primary School. We liked how you added pictures to your procedure writing. Have you tried making a YouTube clip? or maybe google slide. See you next time.

  2. Hello room five I like how you told us how to make jelly.
    Next time you could post a photo of the jelly when it's finished
    so we know what it looks like.
    Thanks Eva:)

  3. Hi room 5 i am Tunisia.
    I love jelly it is so good maybe you should do a recipe of pancakes.

    well see room 5 soon bye
    and go on my blog down below

  4. Hi room 5 I like your jell raspy I made it that way before. Next time put your pitcher a bit bigger.

  5. Hi Room 5 its Dakota and Roxy here.
    I like how you showed how to make jelly next time ill be able to make it at home.Next time you should take more pictures and put it up with the ingredients and use powtoon to post it on your youtube channel if you have one to add in music so other people try to make jelly they would know because of you.